City and Guilds Level 3 British Dog Groomers Association

BRUSHING - prior to bathing, all dogs are thoroughly brushed through to remove tangles and dead coat. If your dog has a very overgrown coat, it may be roughly trimmed to a more manageable length before bathing.

NAILS - nails are always checked and clipped if necessary.

EARS - ears are checked and cleaned with a mild ear cleaning solution.

BATHING - your dog can be bathed using a shampoo specifically chosen for the breed, or if necessary a shampoo prescribed by a vet. Your dog will then be rinsed using warm water. All the shampoos I use are completely natural.

DRYING - initially dogs are towelled off to remove excess water and are then dried using a high velocity drier which also helps to remove any dead coat and massage the skin. Drying is completed with the help of a warm air drier. No cabinet or cage driers are used.

CLIPPING OR SCISSORING - styling is generally carried out after your dog has been bathed and dried, and can be to either breed standard or to suit your personal requirements.

HAND STRIPPING - this is a process in which the dead topcoat is plucked by hand from certain types of wire-coated terriers. It helps to keep the coat weather-proof and maintain the correct harsh texture and rich colour of the coat. This would be carried out prior to bathing. Some gun dogs are also suitable for hand stripping.

DE-MATTING - I do not recommend trying to groom out a heavily matted coat. It is uncomfortable and unfair for the dog and in most cases only breaks the coat leading to it matting quicker again in the future. If your dog is heavily matted, I will recommend it may be kinder for the dog to clip off all the coat and start again followed by regular appointments to maintain the new coat growth. We do not take de-matting lightly and would always think of the dog’s welfare first in these circumstances.

PUPPIES - Puppies need to be introduced to grooming at an early age in gradual steps. I offer free advice on the correct type of brushes to use and how to groom your puppy. Please contact me to discuss your puppies individual requirements.

PRICES - A guide price will be given when booking the appointment and will be confirmed at the first consultation.

Bath, Brush & Nails only is available at a discounted rate.

Regular grooming every 4-6 weeks is recommended for the comfort of your dog.

Special puppy packages are available - please ask for details!